Company profile

General System was founded in May 1997 by the union of two technical programmers with decades of experience in various fields of industrial automation.

For over 20 years, our company has been designing and optimizing cutting-edge automation systems, taking care of the complete analysis of the process through innovative methodologies completed by the experience gained.

The professionalism and versatility of our Team guarantees a service that meets the needs of each individual customer, ensuring attention to detail and continuous support over time with the awareness that the greatest results are built together.


One of the objectives of General System is to maintain a dynamic, optimistic and constantly evolving work environment, respecting the experience gained and the work of its staff. We are looking for motivated people, with a team spirit and with a great desire to grow on a personal level.

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The growth of our company has implied the need to optimize the quality of work both from the point of view of internal organization, both as regards the relationship with customers and suppliers.

For several years now, in collaboration with universities and high schools, we have welcomed at the ns. location, internships and traineeships, as we believe that the combination of “theory and practice” is essential for training young professionals.



Quick and versatile software and hardware technical assistance customized for every need.

Quality and competitiveness

High quality level in the realization of projects at competitive rates.