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  • For over 20 years, General System has been designing and optimizing state-of-the-art automation systems, taking care of the complete analysis of the process through innovative methodologies.

Industrial Traceability

This sector concerns the realization of Software and the installation of appropriate Hardware able to monitor the supply chain related to a finished product starting from each single component that constitutes it.

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Waste disposal

The process concerns the complete control of the processes from receipt of waste to final disposal, as well as all the activities related to it such as purification, energy production, fume removal, robotics and traceability.

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This sector, in continuous expansion, regards processes and interventions aimed at reducing the consumption of energy necessary to carry out the various industrial activities.

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Industrial refrigeration

The company guarantees the management of goods storage processes (eg fruit, vegetables, meat, etc ...) and treatment climate through the implementation of specific logics based on temperature control.

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General System has been dealing with automatic warehouses or revamping and optimization of them over several years, boasting significant experience in the most varied sectors such as food, pharmaceutical, fashion and spare parts.

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Industrial Purification

This sector concerns the construction of large industrial plants for water purification, could be urban or industrial origin, contaminated by polluting agents.

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General System is the result of ten years of experience with two programmers in various fields of industrial automation.

General System researches, designs, manufactures cutting-edge automation systems, taking care of the complete analysis of the process, using the global organization technique. General System does not neglect even the most trivial problems, thus obtaining a project with extremely reduced margins of error.

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Every system created by General System is constantly followed after the testing to guarantee the final customer constant quality and service.