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This sector, in continuous expansion, regards processes and interventions aimed at reducing the consumption of energy necessary to carry out the various industrial activities. Its importance stems not only from a need to reduce production costs but also to the sensitivity of having a lower impact on environmental sustainability, a topic that has been very much felt today and is also taken care of by legislative bodies.
The General System experience has given life, in collaboration with other companies, to an efficiency system applicable not only where simple energy saving is required but also and above all in the coordination of plants in which there are renewable energy sources such as photovoltaic systems and / or coogeneration.
This system allows, in fact, through appropriate calculations and data coordinated to the production that is being carried out, to make optimal use of the renewable energy produced at cost 0, exploiting it in its entirety.
Otherwise, in the absence of an associated alternative energy source, the system will be concerned, through a capillary consumption measurement, to minimize the waste of energy by making machinery work in their higher performance range and suspending the activity of this. which is not strictly necessary for the productive activity of the moment.
Energy saving also exploits a distribution system based on priorities and time slots set in a coordinated way to the cost bands of the electricity market operator (GME).