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Industrial Purification

This sector concerns the construction of large industrial plants for water purification, of urban or industrial origin, contaminated by polluting agents. The purification cycle consists of a combination of several chemical, physical and biological processes at the end of which the water can be re-introduced into the environment.
The waste of the purification cycle is represented by sludge, in which the toxic substances will be concentrated, which will then be disposed of in appropriate landfills.
The described process is managed by a logic controller (PLC) that will take care of recovering all the necessary information from transducers of all kinds such as Phmeters, Flowmeters, Temperature Probes and Level Meters.
Once this information has been processed with the logic developed, the system will take care to suitably actuate the actuators connected to it such as dosing valves, resistors, pumps and mixers in a continuous process until the final target is reached.
Like any automatic system, the important human supervision is guaranteed by clear and intuitive panels and SCADA systems in which the operator can easily search for data of interest and interact in real time.
The General System team boasts among its achievements the management program of the HERA plant for water purification in Forlì, and a multi-year collaboration in several plants of Romagna Acque.