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Industrial refrigeration

Thanks to the technical preparation on the latest technologies dedicated to automation and many years of experience in the field of industrial refrigeration, the company guarantees the management of goods storage processes (eg fruit, vegetables, meat, etc …) and treatment climate through the implementation of specific logics based on the values ​​of temperature, pressure and humidity detected in the environments. The operator will have at his disposal a supervision system that will allow to keep the activity of the single rooms monitored and set the parameters of the logics in the machine room by means of PLC. Process information is collected and rendered as graphs for later reference and export.
The complete control of the refrigeration system can be completed by the optimization of energy consumption through the communion with the energy saving services in such a way as to insert automatisms suitable for the optimal exploitation of the system users.
General System has above all experience with GE devices, SIEMENS and interfacing with CAREL controllers that are very common in industrial refrigeration.