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Industrial Traceability

This sector concerns the realization of Software and the installation of appropriate Hardware able to monitor the supply chain related to a finished product starting from each single component that constitutes it.
The raw materials arriving at the factory are registered according to their origin and are then followed within the industrial process during the various stages of processing, packaging, storage and final shipment.
Traceability can be developed in a more or less integrated way, according to the level of automation that the customer wants to achieve and from what allows the realization of the particular type of product in question.

A fully integrated system exploits technologies such as vision systems, bar code readers and radiofrequency (RFID) technologies to automatically monitor and archive the various movements and synergies within the production cycle, leaving the quality control operators the possibility to consult the progress, storage temperatures, degree of humidity, quantities used and much more.
From these the partially integrated systems are different where part of the tracing process will have to be assisted by the active participation of the operators in the recording of data and process phases on intuitive interfaces (developed on JAVA or similar platforms) that will guide the staff in the standard procedures to be followed .
The basic difference between the two types is therefore based on the way in which the necessary information is retrieved, but in both solutions all the movements made by the products will be stored in a database in a reliable manner, ensuring a detailed history that can be consult at any time present and future.