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Waste disposal

The process concerns the complete control of the processes from receipt of waste to final disposal, as well as all the activities related to it such as purification, energy production, fume removal, robotics and traceability.

General System has considerable experience in waste disposal, maintaining, in particular, a long-term collaboration with the Mengozzi incinerator in Forlì, which supports daily through electrical assistance and software.
In detail the management of the control and movement of waste is carried out using various types of programmable logic controllers (Siemens PLC), while the management of combustion, analysis and fume removal exploit process technologies on a DCS Yokogawa basis.
The controllers located in the plant are always combined with operator panels and, where necessary, SCADA / HMI supervision systems, indispensable and functional for real-time monitoring of all the processes in progress, as well as for the historicization of the same.
These architectures also allow the fundamental interaction on the system 24 hours a day, even remotely.